Unwired Edge Core

Cloud-based management of on-board networks for fleets of any size.

Cloud-based network management with Unwired Edge Core enables the successful operation of digital
devices such as monitors, terminals, cameras, passenger WiFis or passenger counting systems.

API first

Integration with existing processes and systems via API.

Cloud management

Centralized cloud-based management of networks and devices.

Full integration

All cloud and edge devices are fully integrated.

Device management
for fleets

Unwired Edge Core manages and monitors network devices in vehicles and stationary environments. The console continually displays all important technical parameters and telemetry values on a central user interface.

All device management functions are automated via an API that furthermore integrates customer-specific systems and processes seamlessly and swiftly. Devices do not need to be configured in advance: They are factory-installed and automatically log on to the cloud system.

Cloud-based network management

Thanks to the straightforward and well-designed management function, device and network settings can be inherited and automatically be deployed to hundreds of devices.

The high degree of automation enables error-free network configurations while manual efforts are reduced. During operation, this guarantees a high level of service quality as well as lower staff requirements. Devices can easily be replaced or modified without any on-site workload.

A powerful combination: Cloud and Cloud OS

Unwired Edge Core combines the power of Unwired Edge Cloud services with the Unwired Cloud OS operating system, providing the basis on which the services are linked with thousands of edge devices such as routers, access points or switches.

Security and software updates, day-to-day operations and monitoring all take place on a scalable platform.

High-speed WAN Bonding as a service

Maximum bandwidth. Minimal downtime. Unwired CloudLink is engineered for even the most challenging network conditions, delivering more than just resilience:

In partnership with Bondix Intelligence, the Unwired Edge Cloud offers modern packet-based WAN bonding. This technology aggregates the total available bandwidth of your uplinks, ensuring the most reliable and fastest connectivity, even in adverse conditions.

Functions overview

The management console is the centerpiece of the Unwired Edge Cloud. As a purely web-based platform it is globally accessible. The multi-client system includes a delegated role and user administration and allows for the assignment of specific access rights to different roles and users.
The management console distinguishes itself for its ease of use and the possibility of grouping devices. Group configurations can also be applied to individual devices at a later time.

Unwired Edge Core offers an easy and centralized configuration of WiFi networks, LAN networks (local networks including VLANs, IP, routing, etc.) and WAN networks (Wide Area Network, 4G, 5G). All network services can be configured in collaboration with Unwired’s experts.

Unwired Cloud OS is a reliable Linux distribution for edge devices with a dependable connection via 4G, 5G, WiFi or Ethernet. The initial installation works directly by means of plugging the devices to a power source or inserting a SIM card. When a device fails, it can simply be replaced and the new device is signed on to the system through a straightforward registration process.

Unwired Edge Core gives comprehensive insights into the telemetry data of the devices. Information on the status of system resources and proper functioning can also be checked in real-time when a device is operated in offline mode. In addition, reports on system usage are available for download.

Unwired Edge Core and the management console are also used to manage all of Unwired’s Internet services. Unwired therefore acts as an Internet service provider, offering content filtering as well as legal certainty by assuming liability. While site-to-site VPN allows for the most secure connection possible, uplink aggregation increases reliability. Nonetheless, should connection problems occur, remote access ensures that all devices can be used.

The Unwired Edge Cloud includes APIs for all available functions, making it easy to integrate third-party systems or export data across all functions.