Unwired Edge Core

Efficient network and device management combined with modern connectivity.

Network and device management combined with modern connectivity.

Thanks to cloud-based network management through our intuitive web interface or our API interface, you can effortlessly orchestrate 1000+ devices in the future – and configure typical network use cases in just a few minutes.

Unwired Edge Core isometric overview

Unwired Edge Core

Network Orchestration in the Cloud

The core of Unwired Edge Cloud is robust, cloud-based network orchestration that impresses from the outset: In the Unwired Edge Cloud, you can effortlessly integrate countless devices into your network. Thanks to group-level configuration options, device and network settings can be inherited and automatically deployed to hundreds of devices, ensuring uniformity and consistency across your networks.

The high degree of automation not only guarantees error-free network configurations across your entire fleet but also significantly reduces the need for manual inputs. And with our extensive range of connectivity solutions, Unwired Edge Core provides the right connection even for the most challenging situations. Through our intuitive web interface, you have the technical parameters and telemetry values of your device fleet in one central interface.

Creating and managing stable networks has never been so efficient and comfortable. Experience the comprehensive feature set of Unwired Edge Core for yourself.

Unwired Edge Core

Integrate hundred of devices in seconds

Zero-touch provisioning allows for the quickest integration of network devices you’ll ever see. If your device runs Unwired Edge Cloud OS and you have its MAC address, you can initialize it with any pre-configured setting or create a custom configuration for that specific device.

Unwired Edge Core

Comprehensive Connectivity Solutions

The Unwired Edge Cloud offers state-of-the-art connectivity. A variety of network uplinks such as NAT, CloudNAT, CloudLink (WAN-Bonding), and more help you obtain the fastest & most stable connection for every situation and any hardware.

With the diversity of supported uplinks in the Unwired Edge Cloud, you can precisely tailor your network architecture to the requirements of your company, while simultaneously benefiting from increased reliability and performance.

API in action
API in action

Unwired Edge Core

Benefit from Automation Thanks to API-First

Thanks to the API-First architecture, you can not only make your network more efficient but also better adapt it to the specific requirements of your company. Seamless integration into your existing systems and automated workflows save valuable resources and increase your efficiency. Automatic firmware updates, uptime, and performance monitoring – with our APIs, you always maintain full control over your edge devices.

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Cloud-based network management with Unwired Edge Core enables the smooth operation of digital devices such as monitors, vending machines, cameras, passenger Wi-Fi, or passenger counting systems.

Cloud-based device management

Facilitate the management of your extensive device fleet through zero-touch provisioning and rapid configuration rollout.

Powerful API Automation

Utilize our comprehensive APIs for easy integration with third-party systems.

Future-Proof Network Connections

Enhance both the speed and stability of your networks with modern WAN bonding.

Secure connections

Effortlessly and securely link multiple networks with site-to-site VPN.

Smart networks

Automated, efficient, and secure – next-generation network management.

Telemetry & monitoring in real-time

Real-time location services and continuous fleet monitoring through our advanced telemetry.

macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen
macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen

Unwired Edge Cloud

Experience a new era of edge device and app orchestration.

Cloud-Based Network Management

Through simple and clear management, device and network settings can be inherited and automated across hundreds of devices.

This high degree of automation enables error-free network configurations and reduces manual efforts. In ongoing operations, this guarantees both high service quality and low staffing requirements. Exchanging or modifying devices is made simple and without the need for on-site labor.

Overview of functions

The heart of the Unwired Edge Cloud, the Management Console, is a purely web-based platform and thus equally accessible worldwide. The multi-tenant system includes delegated role and user management and the assignment of specific access rights for different roles and users.
The Management Console impresses with its ease of use and the ability to group devices. Group configurations can also be transferred to individual devices afterward.

Unwired Edge Core enables simple central configuration of WLAN networks, LAN networks (local networks including VLANs, IP, routing, etc.), and WAN networks (Wide Area Network, 4G, 5G). All network services can be configured with experts from Unwired.

Unwired Edge Cloud OS is a reliable Linux distribution for edge devices. It enables a reliable connection via 4G, 5G, WLAN, and Ethernet. The initial installation works directly by connecting the devices to power or inserting the SIM card. If a device fails, it can be easily replaced, and the new device registered in the system simply.

Unwired Edge Core provides comprehensive insight into the telemetry data of the devices. Even in offline operation, system utilization and functionality can be monitored in real-time. Additionally, reports on system usage are available for download.

Unwired Edge Core and the Management Console also manage all of Unwired’s Internet Services. Unwired serves as an Internet Service Provider, offering not just content filtering but also legal protection by taking on liability. It provides highly secure connections through site-to-site VPNs and enhances reliability with uplink aggregation. Should there ever be connection issues, remote access ensures access to all devices is guaranteed.

The Unwired Edge Cloud features APIs for all available functions. This enables easy integration with third-party systems, as well as data export across all functions.

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Whether you need support, want to find out more about our products and services or have a specific project inquiry – we look forward to hearing from you.

Get in touch with us!

Whether you need support, want to find out more about our products and services or have a specific project inquiry – we look forward to hearing from you.