Unwired Edge Cloud OS

A single cloud-based operating system for all your edge devices.

Efficient network orchestration with our Unified OS Platform: Our Unwired Edge Cloud OS equips devices from various hardware manufacturers with cutting-edge edge networking features and allows for full control from the Unwired Edge Cloud.

Unwired Edge Cloud OS

Hardware agnostic, unified OS platform for your edge network devices

More than just an operating system: Unwired Edge Cloud OS is the central hub for efficient, secure, and scalable management of your edge and IoT devices. Whether it’s MIPS, ARM, x86, or PPC – our Linux/OpenWRT-based software focuses on openness and flexibility. Once installed on your edge network devices, they connect to the Unwired Edge Cloud in seconds, equipping your devices with state-of-the-art connectivity and orchestration features.

Security is not just a buzzword for us; it is deeply embedded in the architecture. With zero-trust provisioning and cloud-only setup, we minimize potential risks right from the start. The upcoming ISO 27001 certification and over ten years of software support further build trust.

Our software lifecycle management strategy focuses on continuous integration and quality assurance. This ensures devices are always up-to-date and secure. Updates are rolled out in compliance with industry standards, with options for rollback if necessary. The system is suitable for both retrofitting existing devices and integrating into new hardware from various suppliers.

The Unwired Edge Cloud OS platform is not only flexible but also expandable, thanks to edge computing. It includes an edge-capable OCI container runtime and enables access to low-level system functions, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from small IoT routers to powerful edge servers. Specialized interfaces for communication with the OT world, such as CAN bus and RS4865, are also integrated. Comprehensive WAN communication options and software-defined networking features complete the package.

With Unwired Edge Cloud OS, you create a reliable, secure, and efficient infrastructure for your edge network.

Unwired Edge Cloud OS isometric overview
Unwired Edge Cloud OS isometric overview

Experience the convenience of a proven, comprehensive edge networking solution.

Maximum security

Zero-trust-provisioning, cloudy-only configuration. Maximum security from the first setup.

hardware agnostic

Select hardware based on your specific requirements and enable modern network orchestration across all devices.

10+ years sofware support

Continuous quality checks with each software version, plus automatic software deployment and an industrial-grade update process.


Save time and resources in the integration of new network devices thanks to our intuitive setup process.

Edge computing

Your vehicle as a data center: Multifunction routers serve as a virtualization platform for PIS, APC, and CCTV applications.

Reliable Communication

Extensive support for cutting-edge WAN communication (e.g., management of 4G/5G modems, SIM management, integrated WAN bonding software)

Hardware Agnostic -
A core value

We believe in empowering customers with flexibility and freedom of choice, regardless of their hardware preference. Plenty of devices are already supported, and more are coming all the time. You can find our comprehensive list of supported devices here.

macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen
macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen

Unwired Edge Cloud

Experience a new era of edge device and app orchestration.

Overview of functions

Our Unwired Edge Cloud OS provides a unified operating system platform that supports a wide range of leading edge network hardware devices. Whether it’s MIPS, ARM, x86, or PPC, our solution is manufacturer- and platform-agnostic, offering you unparalleled flexibility in hardware selection. We support devices from renowned manufacturers such as Teltonika, NetModule, Lanner, Advantech, and Eltec, with new additions continuously being integrated into our system.

Furthermore, our system is built on the open-source Linux distribution OpenWRT, providing additional customization options and transparency.

Unwired Edge Cloud OS comes with robust software lifecycle management, guaranteeing over 10 years of software support for your devices. Utilizing modern continuous integration and continuous deployment principles, we keep your systems up-to-date at all times. Our industrial-grade update process, including rollback capabilities, ensures smooth updates.

The platform is designed for retrofitting on existing devices, such as firmware uploads or USB stick upgrades, as well as for use on new devices from providers like NetModule, Teltonika, Eltec, and Lanner. Each software version undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure the highest reliability.

Edge Cloud OS provides an OCI container runtime environment that operates reliably even under extreme conditions, such as power or connectivity outages. Additionally, access to low-level system functions like network, GPS, GPIO, and GPU allows for individual customization of your solutions. This high level of flexibility and adaptability enables scaling from small IoT routers to powerful edge server devices, covering a wide range of use cases.

Unwired Edge Cloud OS supports specific interfaces essential for communication with the OT world, such as CAN-Bus, RS4865, and GPIO. These features facilitate smooth integration and communication with mission-critical systems and hardware, significantly enhancing interoperability and efficiency across various industrial environments.

Unwired Edge Cloud OS places a strong emphasis on network communication stability and reliability. With comprehensive support for advanced WAN technologies like WAN bonding and SIM management, the system is ideally equipped to meet demanding network requirements.

Furthermore, the platform includes integrated software-defined networking, simplifying the configuration of local networks in edge environments. Features like VLAN, bridging, and the ability to manage multiple subnets provide you with the flexibility to design network solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Get in touch with us!

Whether you need support, want to find out more about our products and services or have a specific project inquiry – we look forward to hearing from you.

Get in touch with us!

Whether you need support, want to find out more about our products and services or have a specific project inquiry – we look forward to hearing from you.