Unwired Edge Cloud

Run Your Software virtualized on any Hardware Platform

Gain a competitive edge with faster software releases and increased compatibility with COTS and industrial devices without time-consuming firmware updates.

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Unleash Your Software Potential on a Multitude of Hardware with Unwired Edge Cloud

As an application vendor, your time ressources should be dedicated to refining your unique software, not tangled in the complexity of achieving compatibility with varied operating systems, networking, or security. Let the Unwired Edge Cloud help you with launching your software quicker. With Unwired Edge Compute, you can effortlessly tap into the power of both COTS and industrial hardware. Our system seamlessly supports standard containers like Docker and OCI, unlocking the potential of hardware features such as Digital I/O, CAN Bus, Ethernet, and WiFi. Here’s how we do it.

You Build the Container, We’ll Manage the Ecosystem

Employing containerized software not only simplifies your role as a software developer but also drives profitability for your business. Once your software is container-ready, deploy it to the Unwired API and let us do the rest. We’ll orchestrate an automatic rollout, seamlessly aligning your application with a plethora of network devices. By decoupling your application from the OS, we’ve streamlined updates and essentially resolved the challenges of OS and container lifecycle management for you. In the future, you can forget about time-consuming firmware builds – we’ve got you covered. That’s not all, the Unwired Edge Cloud offers a multitude of useful container features.

Unwired Edge Compute’s feature-rich containers

OS & Container Lifecycle Management

By decoupling OS Updates from software updates we solve Lifecycle Management for you

Persistant Volumes

Optimized performance and scaling thanks to persistent volumes on internal industrial SSDs

State of the art Connectivity

WAN Bonding, Separate WAN & LAN: Get stable and comprehensive IoT connectivity solutions

Modern configuration maps

We offer per-container instance configuration maps with custom data

Subnet allocations per container

Make use of automatic per-container network subnet allocations for routed applications

Precision Timing for Performance

Ensure precise timing with RTC and system initialization for optimal application performance.

macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen
macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen

Unwired Edge Cloud

Experience the future of edge device and app orchestration now.

Unwired Edge Cloud

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Our high-speed WiFi for passengers and customers is your carefree WiFi package. Passenger information, easy-to-manage captive portal from the cloud – with us, your public WiFi is ready to go.


Modern packet-based WAN bonding bundles the entire available bandwidth of your uplinks and provides you with the most reliable & fastest connectivity even under the most adverse conditions.

Complete management of 1000+ edge devices via the cloud – Edge Cloud offers optimized device management in mobile & stationary environments, including centralized configuration & zero-touch provisioning.

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