Unwired Edge Cloud

Highspeed WiFi for Passengers and Customers

Simplifying Public WiFi and Entertainment Portal management, our cloud solution ensures uninterrupted entertainment, independent of router status.

Woman sitting in train with a mobile phone in her hand showing the Unwired WiFi Portal

Unmatched Connectivity for Passengers with the Unwired Edge Cloud

In the age of smart devices and 5G technology, passengers demand a seamless and robust internet experience. They expect uninterrupted connectivity while transitioning between different environments – from train to station, from one store to another. The Unwired Edge Cloud excels in providing this level of service, thanks to its WAN Bonding and Seamless Roaming features, which ensure rapid and consistent connectivity at all times.

Moreover, its user-friendly Captive Portals are not only responsive but also informative, capable of providing valuable real-time updates such as Passenger Information Systems, news, and entertainment. Managing the content of these portals is simple, with our Content Management System allowing changes with just a few clicks, guaranteeing optimum responsiveness and relevant content, enhancing the passenger’s online experience.

Our CMS in action.

How the Edge Cloud enables great Public WiFi

Fast, stable connections

Leverage our multiple Uplink support and WAN Bonding for superior WiFi stability and speed.

On-board WiFi Portal

On-board WiFi Portal served directly from the vehicle’s router for regions with insufficient coverage.

Simplified Content Management

Intuitive graphical WiFi Portal Editor to add Passenger Information Systems, Media & News

RFC 8908 API ready

Our WiFi Portal embraces RFC 8908 alias CAPPORT API support for leading-edge services.

Seamless Roaming between Vehicles & Stations

Enjoy uninterrupted connections when switching locations, thanks to our Seamless Roaming.

Secure, Compliant WiFi

We filter content, follow DSGVO & act as your Internet Service Provider for assumed liability.

macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen
macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen

Unwired Edge Cloud

Experience the future of edge device and app orchestration now.

Unwired Edge Cloud

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Find out more about our WiFi carefree package. Passenger information, easy-to-manage captive portal from the cloud – with Unwired Networks, your public Wi-Fi is ready for use immediately.


Modern packet-based WAN bonding bundles the entire available bandwidth of your uplinks and provides you with the most reliable & fastest connectivity even under the most adverse conditions.

Complete management of 1000+ edge devices via the cloud – Edge Cloud offers optimized device management in mobile & stationary environments, including centralized configuration & zero-touch provisioning.

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