Unwired Edge Compute

Utilizing Existing Hardware for Various Software Applications

Reduce expenses and space requirements: Containerized edge computing operates software virtually on existing routers, turning every vehicle into an efficient data center.

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Unwired Edge Compute

Turn your trains into mobile data centers.

Containerized virtualization not only minimizes your hardware and administration costs but also transforms the way you deploy and manage software on your trains.

Instead of investing in expensive, dedicated hardware for each application, you maximize the potential of your already installed devices. Simply install our standardized containers in the OCI/Docker format on your vehicle routers and benefit from diverse applications such as Automatic Passenger Counting, Passenger Information, or Video Surveillance Systems, and bring AI or Machine Learning directly onboard.

With Unwired Edge Compute, you also ensure higher security in your networks. Our solution provides secure separation of applications, limits network exposure, and constantly monitors all systems. Moreover, effortlessly integrate applications into your local networks and public WiFis. The best part: you can expand and customize the functions of the Unwired Edge Cloud platform by building your own containers, supported by our comprehensive documentation. Make your trains the smartest on the tracks – secure, efficient, and future-ready.

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Multifunctional Routers

With Unwired Edge Compute, you operate software cost-effectively and without additional hardware on existing multifunctional vehicle routers.

Typical applications include Passenger Information, Passenger Counting, and Video Surveillance Systems. Vehicle interfaces such as GPS, RS485, CAN are also available for virtualized software.

Manage software for entire fleets comfortably over the cloud through the Unwired Edge Cloud Console and its APIs.

Application Example: Automatic Passenger Counting

A prime example of the application diversity of edge computing is our solution for Automatic Passenger Counting in partnership with Interautomation.

Thanks to advanced sensor technology, Interautomation’s software is capable of providing accurate real-time data regarding passenger occupancy. Where expensive, dedicated onboard computers were once needed, Interautomation’s software now utilizes existing vehicle routers to process sensor data in real-time.

Ready for Your Application

Use Unwired Edge Compute to implement your own applications as container virtualization on far-edge devices such as industrial routers, access points, and compute boxes efficiently. With our platform, you can easily operate a variety of applications on these devices – securely, efficiently, and without in-depth OS knowledge.

Discover how you can create your own containers and develop applications specifically for your needs with our documentation.

Advanced Network Technology for Multiple Use Cases

Intelligent Data Processing

Capture and analyze data directly on your trains. Process video material on-site and ensure display on onboard screens – even offline.

Flexible Application Possibilities

Our platform supports Docker/OCI containers, allowing you to easily integrate both your own and third-party applications.

Secure Application Separation

State-of-the-art security and monitoring with minimal network exposure for worry-free operation.


Virtualization reduces hardware and administrative effort and saves costs.

AI/ML ready

Utilize specialized hardware to develop advanced AI/ML applications and perform tasks directly on-site.

Seamless OT-Integration

Seamlessly connect applications with OT devices via CAN, RS485, and 2-Wire interfaces.

Overview of functions

Powerful multifunctional routers form the basis for any application virtualization. Applications are directly integrable into network management and thus deployable in a variety of network configurations.

For the virtualization of applications, so-called stateless containers are used. These are completely independent and not stateful (stateless). This results in high scalability, optimal load distribution, and increased fault tolerance.

In addition to regular security updates, Unwired also provides comprehensive documentation of security policies for maximally secure application virtualization.

The open interface allows for seamless integration and use of complementary applications.

All updates are automatically rolled out by Unwired and then made available to you. To keep you informed about new features, we provide reports on the new updates.

All virtualized applications are monitored 24 hours a day. This way, their functionality can be checked and viewed at any time.

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