Unwired Edge Compute

Virtualization of on-board applications in centralized vehicle routers.

A dedicated data center for each vehicle

Unwired Edge Compute runs software in a virtualized manner on existing routers or servers in the vehicle.


Virtualization reduces the requirements on hardware and administration while saving costs

Maximum flexibility

Software is rolled out and operated just like at a modern data center

Operational security

State-of-the-art security and monitoring for carefree operations

Multifunctional routers

Unwired Edge Compute helps you run your software cost-effectively on existing multifunctional vehicle routers, without the need for any additional hardware.

Typical applications include passenger information and counting systems or video surveillance systems. Vehicle interfaces such as GPS, RS485 or CAN are also available for virtualized software.

The Unwired Edge Cloud console and its APIs make it easy to manage software for entire fleets via the cloud.

Flexible technologies

Unwired Edge Compute shifts state-of-the-art paradigms of the cloud into vehicles.

There, the software is operated on the basis of container technology, saving resources both in terms of performance as well as storage requirements.

The choice of using “stateless containers” is superior to classical approaches of virtualization as it can take precautions against challenges specific to vehicles, such as power interruptions or connection failures. Get in touch with our specialists to learn more!

Security in
daily operations

The Unwired Edge Cloud operates the software fully automated while the central management platform Unwired Edge Core takes care of controlling it. The software is monitored 24/7 with comprehensive metrics and solves problems independently.

With Unwired Edge Compute API, software providers can deploy their containers, monitor operations and roll out updates.

Functions overview

High-performance multifunctional routers form the basis of any application virtualization. Applications can be directly integrated into the network management and are therefore available for a large number of network configurations.

Applications are virtualized via so-called stateless containers. They are entirely independent and non-stateful, achieving a high level of scalability, an optimum load distribution as well as greater fault tolerance.

In addition to regular security updates, Unwired also provides comprehensive documentation on the security guidelines for a maximum of security in the virtualization of applications.

The open interface enables the seamless integration and use of supplementary applications.

All updates are rolled out automatically and are subsequently at your disposal. Unwired also sends you reports on these updates to keep you informed of new functionality.

All virtualized applications are monitored 24 hours per day, ensuring that their proper operability can be viewed and checked at any time.