WAN Bonding

Maximum bandwidth. Minimal downtime. For the most difficult network conditions.

More than just resilience: Modern packet-based WAN bonding bundles the entire available bandwidth of your uplinks and provides you with the most reliable & fastest connectivity even under the most adverse conditions. Set up in seconds – thanks to Unwired Edge Cloud.

Two cellular towers connected through WAN Bonding by Unwired Networks

Unwired Edge Cloud

WAN Bonding: Always stay connected

WAN bonding refers to the merging of several WAN connections in order to optimize both bandwidth and reliability. By efficiently combining different Internet connections – be it DSL, cable, 4G/LTE/5G or satellite connections – WAN bonding enables a more robust and powerful network connection and is therefore ideal for increasing the robustness of your network, especially in poor coverage situations.

Thanks to our partnership with Bondix Intelligence, the Unwired Edge Cloud offers you state-of-the-art WAN Bonding software, developed by specialists. Bondix S.A.NE ushers in a new era of stability & speed and goes far beyond mere load balancing as a bonding solution. These benefits await you:

  1. Aggregated bandwidth: Utilizes the total capacity of all available uplinks for maximum speed.
  2. Maximum reliability: If an uplink fails, traffic is automatically routed via the remaining uplinks.
  3. Real-time optimization: Intelligently routes data packets via the optimal uplink based on current network conditions.
  4. Seamless connectivity: No interruption when switching between uplinks, ideal for critical applications.
  5. Uplink independence: Works with any type of Internet connection (DSL, 4G/LTE/5G, satellite, etc.).
  6. Efficiency with high data volumes: Ideal for applications with high bandwidth requirements.

And with the Unwired Edge Cloud, you can enjoy these benefits in a matter of seconds.

Illustration of the technical setup of the Unwired CloudLink WAN Bonding Solution with Bondix S.A.NE

Unwired Edge Cloud

Unimagined stability in just a few seconds

The Unwired Edge Cloud is the fastest way to a complete WAN bonding package:

Simply choose CloudLink as your uplink in your network configuration and activate both the Bondix S.A.NE Bonding Client and the corresponding Bonding Server – hosted & managed by Unwired Networks in Tier 1 US & EU data centers and as an on-premise solution.

The evolution of bonding: real, packet-based WAN bonding

While traditional, session-oriented bonding already offered significant advantages in terms of stability and speed, packet-oriented bonding finally brings true, seamless bonding. It not only offers optimized use of the available uplinks, but also adapts flexibly and in real time to changing network conditions. The advantages of packet-oriented WAN Bonding are:

  • Highest Reliability: Even if a packet is sent over a disrupted uplink, other packets of the same data stream can continue over functioning uplinks.
  • Maximum Speed: All uplinks are used simultaneously and efficiently, regardless of the type of data or sessions.
  • Individual Packet Distribution: Each data packet can be sent over a different uplink, based on current network optimization.
  • Maximum Flexibility: Allows near real-time adjustments to network conditions.

The heart of packet-based bonding lies in its intelligent setup: A client device bundles data packets and sends them via a secure tunnel to a bonding server, which then distributes these packets over the Internet. This process enables extremely efficient use of the available network capacities. And the best part? With the Unwired Edge Cloud, you have everything you need for this advanced bonding setup right at your fingertips.

Supported devices & trusted partners

To benefit from Bondix S.A.NE WAN Bonding, you need network hardware with multiple uplinks and Bondix S.A.NE client support. See here which of our partners are already equipped for the next level of connectivity.

DIGI devices

DIGI routers natively support the Bondix S.A.NE client. The integration of the Unwired CloudLink WAN Bonding Server as a Service is also fully integrated.

Edge Cloud devices

Unwired Edge Cloud devices are your fastest way to the complete WAN Bonding package – Bondix S.A.NE Client and WAN Bonding Server can be integrated into your network in the shortest possible time – and offer you all the other benefits of the Unwired Edge Cloud.

Teltonika Devices

The Bondix S.A.NE bonding software package is available for self-installation on all Teltonika devices.

You can benefit from our WAN bonding complete package

Fastest connections

WAN bonding aggregates every type of Internet connection (DSL, 4G/LTE/5G, satellite, etc.) and always offers maximum speeds by bundling them.

Maximum reliability

In the event of an uplink failure, packet-based WAN bonding seamlessly forwards data traffic via the remaining active uplinks, thus ensuring increased stability and reliability.

Setup in seconds

With our WAN bonding package, you can set up the bonding client and server in just a few seconds and immediately benefit from increased connectivity.

No Server Setup

Our WAN bonding package eliminates server setup and maintenance, saving you time and ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Reliable operation

Highest level of reliability thanks to servers in tier-one data centers (EU, USA, AUS) and good security practices with PKI and certificate rotation.


As a server as a service, our offering is scalable as required – even without additional investment costs

macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen
macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen

Unwired Edge Cloud

WAN bonding is just one advantage of the Unwired Edge Cloud. Benefit from numerous other advantages.

Unwired Edge Cloud

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Benefit from WAN bonding now

Are you ready to experience a new level of stability and speed? Whether you want to take the first step towards implementation or still have questions about the benefits for your company – our team is ready to help. Contact us now to find out how our WAN bonding can optimally support your network requirements.

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