Unwired Edge WiFi

Stable & Fast Public Wi-Fi for Passengers and Customers in Seconds

Stable & Fast Public Wi-Fi

Less setup effort, fewer customer complaints. With Unwired Edge WiFi, you can create even complex network configurations in seconds and equip them with our easy-to-use, comprehensive Captive Wifi Portal – which works even without an internet connection.

Unwired Edge WiFi isometric overview

Unwired Edge WiFi

Passenger Wi-Fi has never been easier.

The demands on passenger Wi-Fi are higher than ever – not only do passengers expect fast & stable internet, but transport authorities also have strict criteria regarding availability, coverage & bandwidth that must be met by transport companies.

With Unwired Edge WiFi, you can easily exceed both requirements and thus fully focus on your core business.

In our intuitive web interface, you can create even more complex network configurations in a short time and roll them out across your entire fleet. Manage 1000+ devices with just a few clicks – benefit from the efficiency gains of modern network orchestration. The networks set up can then be equipped with our extensive yet simple WiFi Portal with just a few clicks:

Passenger information, stop requests, emergency calls, entertainment, news – within our content management system, even inexperienced users can make changes and add new content in a short time – thereby increasing the comfort of travelers. And the best part: Our WiFi Portal can run directly on the vehicle router, making it available to your passengers even when there is no internet connection.

Thanks to our hardware-agnostic approach, we can offer our extensive feature set on network devices from various manufacturers – choose hardware in the future based on your specific requirements and save valuable investment costs.

Experience our CMS in action.

Unwired Edge WiFi

Captive portal in seconds

With our Unwired Edge WiFi Portal, we offer a comprehensive WiFi captive portal that can not only be integrated into your network within a very short time, but can also be adapted to your corporate identity with just a few clicks.

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Experience our CMS in action.

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Mit dem Laden des Videos akzeptieren Sie die Datenschutzerklärung von YouTube.
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Unwired Edge WiFi

Even Offline feels like Online

Is the connection to the WiFi established, only to be greeted by a continuously spinning loading symbol when accessing the WiFi portal? Spare your passengers and yourself this frustration with the Unwired On-board WiFi Portal.

The On-board Portal runs directly on the vehicle router, allowing content such as passenger information to be differentially synchronized to all vehicles in the fleet and increasing customer satisfaction through constant availability.

Hardware Agnostic -
A core value

We believe in empowering customers with flexibility and freedom of choice, regardless of their hardware preference. Plenty of devices are already supported, and more are coming all the time. You can find our comprehensive list of supported devices here.

Best Connection for Passengers

Unwired Edge WiFi is the cloud service for fast, reliable, and legally compliant internet access in the vehicle.

Stable & fast

Reliable Wi-Fi for passengers – even with changing reception conditions.

Seamless integration

Easily and quickly implemented in all types of vehicles.

Legally certain

Liability assumption by Unwired & GDPR compliant.

Internet on board

Stable and fast internet with fair bandwidth distribution among all users in the train or bus.

As an Internet Service Provider, Unwired Networks guarantees legally compliant operation and provides the necessary resources for excellent Wi-Fi service. Unwired Edge WiFi integrates seamlessly into existing systems, ensuring smooth operation.

Real-Time Passenger Information

With real-time route information, your passengers always have an overview of the current journey and connections at the stations. The connection assurance feature also allows for reserving connections.

Standardized interfaces to ITCS providers automatically update travel information.


Unwired Edge WiFi features an integrated Wi-Fi entertainment portal that provides passengers with news and entertainment content (video, audio, e-books, …) even in the absence of a mobile connection.

Content from content partners is automatically imported via standardized interfaces.

macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen
macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen

Unwired Edge Cloud

Experience a new era of edge device and app orchestration.

Overview of functions

As an Internet service provider, Unwired assumes liability for data traffic and guarantees legal security for the customer in this context. Additional security is provided by VPN connections, which separate public internet, such as passenger or guest Wi-Fi, from other networks (such as employee or service Wi-Fi) and route all traffic through Unwired data centers.

Content filters block unwanted content. User identification through (optional) SMS registration reduces anonymous illegal activities. Operation always complies with the respective Telecommunications Act and the General Data Protection Regulation. In this sense, ongoing adjustments of the system to legal requirements and the latest technical standards are also made.

All Wi-Fi services from Unwired Networks follow the current WiFi 6 standard, both for indoor and outdoor as well as for mobile and stationary applications. Existing Wi-Fi Access Points are integrated via Edge Gateway Routers. Seamless roaming between Access Points and also between vehicles and stationary applications is possible. The bundling of multiple uplinks (4G, 5G, DSL) also ensures uninterrupted internet access and maximum speed.

To prevent misuse, bandwidth, data volume, and time per user are automatically limited.  Especially in mobile applications (4G, 5G), limiting data volume ensures cost control in terms of data consumption and fair distribution of bandwidth to all passengers.

The WiFi portal (also called Captive Portal) is optimized for all current operating systems and devices. The editorial system (Content Management System) allows for easy graphical and content adjustments. Depending on the wish, the WiFi portal can be individually structured and scaled: The possibilities range from a simple login page to an extensive entertainment offering with various entertainment options (audio, video, news, podcasts, etc.). External content can be automatically imported via news feeds or websites. End users also have access to support and diagnostic functions for any error messages.

In addition to current timetables with target/actual information and the display of real-time connection information, passengers also have access to an interactive connection assurance feature. Open interfaces provide direct connections to leading ITCS systems.

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