Unwired Edge WiFi

Fast Internet, entertainment and information for passengers, everywhere.

The best connection for passengers

Unwired Edge WiFi – the cloud service for fast, reliable and legally certain Internet access in vehicles.

Stable & fast

Reliable WiFi for passengers – even under changing reception conditions.

Seamless integration

Straightforward and quick implementation into all types of vehicles.

Legally certain

Assumption of liability by Unwired & GDPR compliance.

Internet on board

Stable and fast Internet with a fair distribution of bandwidth among all users on the train or bus.

As an Internet service provider, Unwired Networks guarantees legally certain operations and provides the resources required for an excellent WiFi service. Unwired Edge WiFi seamlessly integrates with existing systems to allow for smooth operations.

Passenger information in real-time

With real-time route information, your passengers always keep track of their current trip and the connections at other stations. Additionally, they can secure their connections with the “request waiting” function.

Standardized interfaces to AVLS suppliers automatically update the trip information.


The integrated WiFi entertainment portal of Unwired Edge WiFi gives passengers access to news and entertainment (video, audio, e-books, etc.) even if there is no cellular network connection.

Standardized interfaces ensure that content is automatically imported from content partners.

Functions overview

As an Internet service provider, Unwired assumes liability for data traffic and guarantees its customers legal certainty within this framework. VPN connections offer additional security by separating public Internet such as passenger or guest WiFis from other networks (for instance employee or service WiFis). In addition, the entire data traffic is routed through the Unwired computing centers.

Content filters block undesired content. User identification by means of an (optional) registration by text message reduces the risk of anonymous unlawful activities. All operations continually take place in adherence to the respective Telecommunications Acts and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To that effect, system adaptations are made on an ongoing basis to meet legal requirements and the latest technical standards.

All Unwired Networks WiFi services meet the current WiFi 6 standard for internal and external environments as well as for mobile and stationary applications. Existing WiFi access points are connected via edge gateway routers, achieving interruption-free roaming between access points and also between vehicles and stationary applications. The bundling of several uplinks (4G, 5G, DSL) additionally ensures uninterrupted Internet access and the highest possible transmission rates.

To prevent abuse, limits on bandwidth, data volume and usage time are automatically set for each user. Limiting the data volume ensures cost control and a fair bandwidth distribution among all passengers, particularly in the case of mobile applications (4G, 5G).

The WiFi portal (also known as captive portal) is optimized for all current operating systems and devices. Adapting graphical elements and content is made easy with the integrated authoring system (Content Management System). The WiFi portal can be organized and scaled as required: The possibilities range from a simple login page all the way to a comprehensive entertainment offer with many different options (audio, video, news, podcasts, etc.). External content can be imported automatically via news feeds or websites. Furthermore, support and diagnostics functions are available to end users in the case of error messages.

In addition to current schedules with information on planned and actual times as well as the display of real-time connection information, passengers can also secure their connections with an interactive request to wait. Direct links to leading AVLS systems are achieved via open interfaces.