Unwired Edge Cloud

Your Connectivity Platform for orchestrating edge devices, apps and networks.

Consolidate your numerous proprietary management software solutions into a single, unified platform for comprehensive control of your IoT and edge compute devices.

Unwired Edge Cloud

Orchestrate your edge network with cloud based tooling

Our comprehensive Platform as a Service provides state-of-the-art connectivity and compute services on edge network devices. Easily architect smart network use cases, e.g. WAN Bonding or Passenger WiFi. Deploy containerised applications such as edge AI & OT Maintenance across an array of network devices, all made possible through our hardware-agnostic approach.

The Edge Cloud is founded on four essential pillars that deliver crucial functionalities.

Edge Cloud OS
Edge Core
Edge WiFi
Edge Compute
Unwired Edge Cloud complete featureset in isometric overview

Unwired Edge Cloud OS

Unleash your devices, simplify your Ecosystem

By replacing the proprietary OS, our OpenWRT based Edge OS brings new features to supported networking devices. Zero-touch provisioning, Edge Computing – increase the functionality of your devices, while unifying your software eco system.

Unwired Edge Cloud OS isometric overview
Unwired Edge Core isometric overview

Unwired Edge Core

Reliable Edge Connectivity - Seamless Operations

Edge Core delivers key capabilities from state-of-the-art connectivity to centralized network configuration. By adding decive management, telemetry and software lifecycle management features, it lets you control your edge devices and networks in one accessible space.

Unwired Edge WiFi

The best connection for vehicles & passengers

Provide superior connectivity for your fleet and your passengers with Edge WiFi. Enjoy the versatility of our WiFi portal, extending from a basic captive portal to a full suite of entertainment options, easily managed through an intuitive CMS.

Unwired Edge WiFi isometric overview
Unwired Edge Compute isometric overview

Unwired Edge Compute

Turn your vehicles into
mobile data centers

Utilizing container technology, Edge Compute executes software virtually on existing vehicle routers or servers. By optimising the already available computing capacity, it greatly reduces the necessity for additional dedicated hardware.

macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen
macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen

Unwired Edge Cloud

Experience a new era of edge device and app orchestration.

Edge Cloud Connectivity

Partly cloudy. Your connecitivity services powered by Unwired

Unwired extends beyond the Edge Cloud, delivering specialized connectivity solutions for multiple use cases. Services such as WAN Bonding Server as a Service, Public WiFi over VPN and more from our Edge Core suite can be independently licensed to match your unique networking requirements.

Unwired Edge Cloud

Solution for your use case

Edge Cloud is your solution for WAN Bonding, 5G, and Application Virtualization needs.


We help transportation operators, hardware & vehicle manufactures and more.

Edge Cloud is your solution for predictive maintenance, public WiFi, and industrial IoT.

Edge Compute

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