Unwired Edge Cloud

Improved Fleet Connectivity and WiFi on a Unified Platform

Manage passenger WiFi, establish vehicle-to-ground connectivity and control your network devices – all from a single, cohesive, cloud-based platform.

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Focus on Operations, We’ll handle the Network

As transportation operators, managing networks might not be your forte. Yet, providing fail-safe, high-speed passenger WiFi has become a baseline requirement in tenders. Unwired Edge Cloud simplifies this aspect, delivering robust connectivity via multiple 5G or LTE uplinks, packet-based bonding, smart software-based networking, and application virtualization.

Additionally, our platform’s compatibility with multiple hardware manufacturers not only eases device management, it gives you a competitive edge in the bidding processes, allowing you to offer more cost-effective solutions without compromising on network quality and reliability.

Unwired Edge WiFi

Passenger WiFi & Captive Portal in seconds

Create a Public WiFi for passengers or guests in seconds and deploy Captive Portals with a couple of clicks. Our intuitive Content Management System allows you to edit what your passengers see in a simple, graphical editor.

Unwired Edge Core

WAN Bonding in a matter of seconds

Ultra fast internet speeds and unseen reliability await with a couple of clicks. We offer packet-based WAN Bonding as a service with our partner Bondix. Bonding client and server are setup in seconds

Unwired Edge Core

Integrate hundred of devices in seconds

Zero-touch provisioning allows for the quickest integration of network devices you’ll ever see. If your device runs Unwired Edge OS and you have its Mac Adress you can apply any preconfigured configuration or make a custom one for this specific device.

Hardware Agnostic -
A core value

We believe in empowering customers with flexibility and freedom of choice, regardless of their hardware preference. Plenty of devices are already supported, and more are coming all the time. You can find our comprehensive list of supported devices here.

Built for the transportation sector.

Container based Edge Computing

Turn your vehicle routers into data centres to run containerised software like Automatic Passenger Counting

Secure Passenger & Service WiFi

Highspeed & Secure Software based Networks for your Passenger and Service WiFi

Vehicle-to-Ground Connectivity

Multiple 5G Uplink support with packet based WAN Bonding for maximum connectivity

Realtime Telemetry & Monitoring

Real-time location services and constant fleet monitoring through our advanced telemetry

Cloud-based Device Management

Benefit from zero-touch provisioning and configuration rollout for effortless large fleet management.

Hardware Agnostic

Boost your bid potential by integrating various hardware vendors, or retrofit your fleet economically.

macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen
macbook with unwired edge cloud console on screen

Unwired Edge Cloud

Experience the future of edge device and app orchestration now.

Unwired Edge Cloud

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Our high-speed WiFi for passengers and customers is your carefree WiFi package. Passenger information, easy-to-manage captive portal from the cloud – with us, your public WiFi is ready to go.


Modern packet-based WAN bonding bundles the entire available bandwidth of your uplinks and provides you with the most reliable & fastest connectivity even under the most adverse conditions.

Complete management of 1000+ edge devices via the cloud – Edge Cloud offers optimized device management in mobile & stationary environments, including centralized configuration & zero-touch provisioning.

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