Teltonika RUTX Integration with Unwired Edge Cloud

What you can expect:

Teltonika RUTX & Unwired Edge Cloud

We are pleased to present to you the latest devices of our continuously expanding Unwired Edge Cloud hardware: The Teltonika RUTX models RUTX11, RUTX12, RUTX14, and RUTX50 can now be seamlessly integrated with the Unwired Edge Cloud OS.

The RUTX devices offer a variety of features, ranging from SIM switching to multi-modem support in the case of the RUTX12, and are ideally suited for the Unwired Edge Cloud due to their excellent price-performance ratio. All devices comply with high EU safety and quality requirements for use in vehicles, thanks to E-Mark certification. This not only ensures compliance with strict regulatory standards but also guarantees reliability and durability under the dynamic conditions of road traffic. Additionally, the RUTX11 is certified for railway use and, due to its compact size, provides a perfect solution for applications such as trams. Leverage Teltonika’s hardware and our advanced connectivity platform to orchestrate your networks more efficiently in the future.

Which benefits does the Unwired Edge Cloud offer?

Unwired Edge Cloud OS introduces a wealth of new features and benefits for your network management. These include:

  • Centralized Management: Increased security through automatic updates, time-saving creation, and management of smart networks in a user-friendly web interface – with Unwired Edge Cloud OS, you have full control over all your devices.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: The Unwired Edge Cloud provides state-of-the-art connectivity, ensuring fast internet access for your vehicles and passengers even in challenging conditions or areas with poor network coverage. Thanks to multiple modems, the RUTX models are suitable for deploying Unwired CloudLink, our modern WAN-Bonding as a Service solution in collaboration with our partner Bondix Intelligence.
  • Central Telemetry: With Unwired Edge Cloud OS, you have access to comprehensive telemetry data, helping you better monitor and optimize the performance and status of your devices.
  • API-First & Cloud-based: Our cloud services are entirely API-driven, providing you with high flexibility in managing, capturing metrics and telemetry, and applying configurations across multiple devices. This greatly simplifies integration into existing systems.
  • Cutting-Edge Public WiFi: Thanks to state-of-the-art network management, you can create, configure and equip all WiFi networks for passengers and service staff with an easy-to-use WiFi portal in no time.

The combination of Teltonika’s RUTX series and our Unwired Edge Cloud is more than the sum of its parts. By integrating the powerful RUTX devices into the Unwired Edge Cloud, you can leverage the full range of device features while benefiting from the advanced management and analytics tools of our platform.

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