Lanner R6S Integration with Unwired Edge Cloud

What you can expect:

Lanner R6S Integration with Unwired Edge Cloud: An Overview

Good news! Our Unwired Edge OS now supports the Lanner R6S Rail Computer (SKU B/C). This development marks the first time we’ve integrated a Lanner device with Unwired Edge Cloud, offering much more than just compatibility.

Getting the most out of the R6S:

Hardware enhancement through software: with our Unwired Edge OS, you fully exploit the potential of the powerful Lanner R6S. Thanks to a simple installation routine, the comprehensive network management features of the Unwired Edge Cloud can be used immediately, and zero-touch configuration lets you integrate your device into your network in no time at all.

These features await you!

CloudLink: Maximum connectivity

In collaboration with Bondix Intelligence we offer state-of-the-art Packet-based WAN Bonding as a service. By seamlessly merging multiple network connections, CloudLink enables speeds of up to 1 Gbps and ensures seamless and uninterrupted data flow. This improvement in connectivity is critical, especially in scenarios where a stable and fast connection is paramount. Placement in Tier 1 data centers ensures security, and bonding setup takes just seconds in our user-friendly interface.

WiFi portal on board: Always available thanks to local installation on the vehicle router.

Imagine a scenario where passengers can seamlessly access important content such as passenger information and entertainment, even when there is no active Internet connection. Our on-board WiFi portal, deployed directly on the vehicle’s router, makes this vision a reality. With this innovative feature, vehicles become information and entertainment centers in their own right, enhancing the overall passenger experience. Content such as passenger information is differentially synchronized to all vehicles in the fleet efficiently and in a data-saving manner thanks to the Unwired Edge Cloud.

Edge computing: support for real-time applications

Turn your vehicle into a mobile data center. Containerized applications allow data processing directly at the source, enabling real-time analytics. Docker/OCI container integration opens up the possibility of installing applications such as Automatic Passenger Counting from our partner Interautomationdirectly on your vehicle router. This leads to a reduction in the need for specialized hardware in your vehicles and at the same time opens up new efficiency potentials.

The perfect combination: Lanner R6S and Unwired Edge Cloud

The Lanner R6S, with its Intel Core™ i7-7600U CPU, 16 GB DDR4 RAM and 2.5-inch removable frame, is ideal for demanding edge computing tasks. With its 10 PoE-enabled LAN ports, the R6S not only simplifies device connections, but also reduces cable clutter and optimizes vehicle setup. In addition, the R6S SKU B/C meets the power supply tolerances required by the standard, ensuring flexibility and compatibility in a wide range of deployment scenarios.

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