Network components
for stationary applications

Network components
for stationary applications

For outlet chains, communities, tourist regions or IOT applications: These routers and access points are ideally suited for decentralized edge networks with a flexible network connection via cellular networks (4G/5G) or DSL.

Robust, flexible and efficient

Up-to-date WiFi 6 and 5G technologies, wrapped in robust access points and routers for indoor and outdoor settings. The Unwired Edge Cloud guarantees zero touch configuration and provides the highest level of efficiency in the setup and maintenance of networks at stations and stores, in communities and tourist regions.

Routers & access points

Routers and access points for stationary indoor and outdoor applications are perfectly suited for fast and comprehensive public WiFi in communities and large tourist regions. In retail, the devices offer reliable connections for outlet chains and terminals.

Easy roll-out

Efficient device and configuration management with the Unwired Edge Cloud, including the roll-out of configurations across sites.

Up-to-date software

Automatic lifetime software and security updates for the firmware of all network components. Ongoing development and updates of functionalities.

WiFi 6 and 5G

Current WiFi 6 standard for exceptionally fast connections with many clients. Support of 5G and LTE CAT 12 connections as well as bundling of cellular networks and stationary uplinks.

Switches and injectors

Switches reliably link all Ethernet-connected components at their locations and use Power over Ethernet (PoE) to supply the connected access points with electricity. VLANs make sure that the networks are safely separated from each other.

Network backbone

One or more switches provide a sufficient number of Ethernet connectors for all network components and forward the network connections between the locations.

Power over Ethernet

By using switches to supply the connected access points with electricity from network cables, less power connectors are needed which consequently limits possible errors.

Virtual networks

Switches use virtual LANs to divide a physical network connection in the vehicle into several virtual networks, usually one per network (e.g. employee WiFi, guest WiFi, etc.).


Operating routers, access points and switches requires cables and installation accessories.

Unwired Networks advises you in planning and supplies you with the right network cables and the material needed to connect and install the active components.

Microwave transmission

Suitable devices for microwave transmission on a WiFi basis are integrated into the network design.


Certified and tested network cables connect routers, access points and network components and ensure low-maintenance connections.

Installation material

If required, Unwired Networks provides you with device-specific installation material and accessories such as screws, rack rails, etc.

Unwired hardware

Top-quality software and hardware for your stationary applications.