Solutions for retail, communities & tourism

Your solution package for WiFi networks in retails stores, popular places in your community and large tourist regions.

Solutions for
consumer-driven retail

Public WiFis, smart networks and application virtualizations bring substantial benefits to stationary points of sale: from a first online search through to the pick-up of articles and the reading of product data at the shop, up to claiming special offers announced in newsletters and mailings.

Increase customer loyalty with the Unwired Edge Cloud. Give your customers access to your public WiFi at each store so they can benefit from current offers and much more!

Seamless connections

Linking online and offline contact points to provide customers with the best service.

Centralized management

Configure and manage all settings and networks on a single cloud-based platform.

Assumption of liability

Legal certainty and GDPR compliance with Unwired Networks as an Internet service provider.

Solutions for
smart communities

Setting up an area-wide network is the first step in providing information and communications technology to everyone.

Make it easier for your residents to access a variety of online services such as e-government applications, current news, real-time information on public transport or information on current events. With the Unwired Edge Cloud services, you can offer public WiFi to your residents and guests.

Area-wide access

WiFi access at the most popular hotspots of your community, for residents and guests.

Multiple connections

Configuring several independent WiFi networks or VPN connections.

Community info point

Customizing the login page with information relevant to your community.

Solutions for
innovative tourism

The modular services of the Unwired Edge Cloud can operate large-scale networks with little effort and high quality.

In tourist regions, public WiFi must meet many demands: easy login of guests, straightforward administration as well as secure and stable operations. Alongside legally certain public WiFi and easy device and network management, the Unwired Edge Cloud also allows you to virtualize applications on high-performance multifunctional routers.

Region-wide WiFi

With verified outdoor hotspots and directional antennae, WiFi can be operated even in remote regions.

Easy to use

Access to the service with a single login at all locations within the covered area.

Centralized management

A single management platform to monitor the status and load of all access points.

Customer success stories

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