Solutions for rail, bus and special vehicles

Solutions for rail, bus and special vehicles

The Unwired Edge Cloud is an integrated cloud platform for data communication in vehicles – from cellular network connections through to vehicle networks and passenger WiFi up to edge computing.

Smart solutions for rail, bus and special vehicles

Ready-to-use solution packages for complex use cases.

Passenger WiFi

Fast WiFi on buses and trains. Unwired Edge WiFi is a comprehensive standard product of software and hardware. The solution has a proven record of requiring minimal implementation effort, whether in new vehicles or as a retrofit. Complementing these advantages, several cellular network providers can be used in parallel. 

An easy-to-use login portal, real-time passenger information and bandwidth management as well as Unwired’s assumption of provider liability add to the benefits.

Centralized vehicle routers

A centralized router uses a single device to handle data communication between your board computers, comfort systems and passenger WiFi networks, saving antennae, cables and SIM cards and requiring less installation effort. All functions needed for reliable communication connections and the secure separation of applications are available in the vehicle.

The Unwired Edge Cloud console makes it easy to manage all vehicle networks of the entire fleet.

Device management
& telemetry

Managing routers and access points with Unwired Edge Core brings full remote control of configuration and system surveillance. Software updates are carried out automatically. Comprehensive telemetry functions are used to visualize the operational status of all devices in the vehicles, the position of the vehicles on a map as well as the signal quality of the cellular network connections. System surveillance can be extended with third-party equipment. Our experts are happy to tell you more about this solution.

Edge computing (virtualization)

Benefit from the processing power of multifunctional routers. Unwired Edge Compute allows you to virtualize essential applications such as passenger information and counting systems or video surveillance systems across your entire fleet. In that way, you need less routers and board computers and can easily perform software maintenance and operations monitoring via the Unwired Edge Cloud.

Discover the manifold opportunities of edge computing.

Reliable connections

No interruptions: Routers with Unwired Cloud OS combine several cellular network connections or WiFi and Ethernet to secure fast and uninterrupted connections between the vehicle and the ground side for applications such as voice communication, ticketing or passenger WiFi.

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Remote access

Routers operating on Unwired Cloud OS provide direct and encrypted access to the devices of a particular network in the vehicle via secured VPN connections. Among other use cases, this enables warranted camera access in the vehicle or the remote configuration and maintenance of existing network devices.

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